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Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Specs & Price: There are plenty of Android smartwatches has been launched in recent times but Apple still holds the title of Best. Last year they have launched Apple Watch Series 2 on September 7. It came with some amazing features like GPS, a dual-core processor, water-resistance and a brighter display. But now as we are in the middle of 2k17, people are waiting for next version of Apple Smartwatch. There are a number of new brands are also appearing in competition over wearable devices like Moto, MI, Asus & Huawei etc.

Recently some reports claimed that Apple is moving away from a touch-on-lens display to a glass-film touch system which might be an add-on to Apple Watch 2. It is predicted that the Apple Watch Series 3 will come in multiple variants, colors and a choice of straps. We expect is that the Apple Watch 3 will come out in September 2017, most probably with iPhone 8 flagship in IFA event. In this article, we will discuss the new Apple iWatch 3 features, specifications, release date, and price.

Apple Watch Series 3 Rumours & Leaks

According to the rumors, Apple Watch Series 3 will bring with it a major redesign. Their recent reports are anything to go by, unfortunately, this may not be the year we see that happen. There is a report from DigiTimes, the overall design of the third Apple Watch will remain the same, only will include a few new key features. The general shape and style of the Apple Watch 3 will almost same as the Apple Watch 2, certain aspects of the design could change substantially. Apple patent detailing a smart fabric wristband that could act as an extra display, showing the time or simple notifications. We would see new materials used in the case.

We would see new materials used in the case. There are some reports by Apple Insider, and there have long been rumors of Apple working with Liquidmetal, which would be excellent for a timepiece. Apple Watch 3 may achieve the thinner design through Apple moving the haptic sensor to the strap of the watch. Apple will add an extra battery, biometric sensors, speakers, cameras or even solar cells to charge the device. It would also let you swap out features to make sure your device doesn’t age so quickly. Water resistant is also one of thing which need to be improved with Apple iWatch 3.

This was a major new feature for the Apple Watch 2 and we’d be very surprised if Apple removed it for the Apple Watch 3. Now smartwatches have become quite a trend in the Android Wear market, the Apple Watch has stuck with a four-cornered form factor.

Apple Watch 3 Concepts Images & Designs

There are many rumors that Apple may bring a rounded bezel iWatch 3 this year, however, most of the tech enthusiasts are still are in love with the previous design. Recently there are many concepts and images has been leaked or rendered by various sources.


So, these are some of the most popular Apple Watch 3 Renders and concepts. However, there is not confirmation that Apple will take this design for upcoming Apple Smartwatch.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date & Rumours

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series 3 to come out in September 2017. There will be at least a year between the Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Watch 3. Because of the Apple Watch, as rather than a roughly 12-month gap between the first two, there was a 17-month one. We expect this to be a yearly-refreshed device from Apple. The rumor suggests it will launch in the second half of 2017. It may be possible to see alongside the iPhone 8. All of

The iWatch 3 rumor suggests it will launch in the second half of 2017. It may be possible to see alongside Apple iPhone 8. All of the means that it will not likely to see before September 2017 at the earliest. The another latest rumors suggest that Quanta Computer will no longer be the sole manufacturer of the Apple Watch 3 and it will now share production with rival Compal. The Chinese Economic Daily News website has reported that Apple has again given the manufacturing contract to Taiwan-based Quanta, which has assembled all of Apple’s smartwatches so far.

Apple Watch 3 Price

It is expected on the basis of rumors that Watch Series 3 will begin from £369 for the 38mm and £399 for the 42mm. These are the current prices of the Series 2 watches. We would expect there will be a price drop of the Series 2 line by around £100 in September 2017. In that, the Series 1 watches would be then discontinued. There is also the possibility that there will be the option of an even more expensive Apple Watch with cellular or mobile capabilities. We can see Apple will include this technology at the top of the line with a price to match.


Now this time to give the description about the specifications and features of the upcoming smartwatch Apple watch 3. So these are following:


The Apple Watch Series 3 will not use the same touch panels as its previous generation. Because the Apple is reportedly unhappy with the yields of its current glass manufacturer, TPK. The new Apple Watch would have a micro-LED screen. Apple will source glass-film capacitive glass from Biel Crystal or General Interface Solutions. According to

According to reports, It will replace the current OLED screen on the Apple Watch with a micro-LED display the Watch 3 could be brighter and more power-efficient. New Micro LED panels have a better brightness and are capable of higher resolutions and it will lighter, thinner, do not require backlighting like the current LCD panels. Currently, it is 390 x 312 pixels, but this is fewer PPI than some of the competition with other watches having higher resolutions. Apple will seek to improve its area and it will possibly consider a Retina display. Apple defines a Retina display as something over 300 pixels per inch, and people can’t see more pixels than that when holding a device a foot from their eyes.


The current Apple Watch can be used as a viewfinder so that you can take a remote photograph with iPhone, but it can’t actually take photos itself – or for fans of SciFi. Can not make video calls on it. Apple supports the inclusion of a selfie camera – a front-facing stills camera, which means it is not necessarily one that’s capable of FaceTime video – in an Apple Watch in the future. Apple has patents for a feature, a front-facing camera and it was rumored to appear in the Series 2. But this feature was not announced. But maybe we could see this feature being included in the next generation.


Battery life on the Apple Watch 2 is a solid two days – much improved from the daily charge of the original Apple Watch. which means battery should last two days between charges. And there is no news or leaks about the Apple Watch 3’s battery life it seems unlikely that it would be any worse. Despite the improvements to battery life in the Apple Watch 2, Apple still has some way to go. There are competing smartwatches, like the Pebble Time Steel, with a battery life of around 10 days, making the Apple Watch battery seem a bit disappointing in comparison.

And when it does come time to charge there might be a more convenient solution this time, as an Apple patent has been unearthed, showing a wireless charging stand that would charge the Watch no matter how it’s placed on the base.This would not only make it easy to connect to the charger but also mean could charge the Watch.


The current line of Apple Watches only has 2GB of storage space this might be enough for a few songs for your running playlists, but in comparison to its competitors, have the extra internal storage space. An increase in storage size will not take up any room and yet will enable people to put more of their music collection on their Watch 3. The S1P and S3 dual-core processors feature in the current Apple Watch generations. Apple builds its own SoCs, or systems-on-a-chip, under the A and S banners, but ARM processors have long formed the heart of Apple’s iOS devices. The new processor may be faster, so apps and the interface can respond more quickly.


Apple could introduce 3D Touch to the Apple Watch 3 providing extra functionality. We can expect the next model to be adorned with the pressure sensitivity.


An official Apple Watch sleeps tracking app simply because Apple just bought Beddit, described as the Fitbit of sleep tracking. Apple may extend the Apple Watch 3 battery to three days to make it ideal for wearing a Watch while sleeping. Adding two-day battery life is a step to an official sleep tracking app.


The new Series 2 is certified by IPX7. It can be taken for swimming. However, despite its water-resistant claims, they are very well aware of Apple’s current warranty terms and conditions for water damage are disappointing. Whereby, if the Apple Watch is used with soapy water, would effectively be voiding its warranty. We would see a greater emphasis on water-resistance or full waterproofing options with the new Watch 3.


According to the rumors, the new Apple Watch would have a SIM card slot and support LTE connectivity. The analyst met with Qualcomm and Broadcom, among others, during his trip. Additionally, Apple may be investigating a low-power LTE chip for use in the Apple Watch 3 to ensure battery life doesn’t suffer. The addition of LTE would make phone calls possible directly from the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, we still have few month to go for Apple Watch launch. We are going to update with all the upcoming rumors and leaks of Apple Watch 3 Series. For now, Apple Watch 2 is one of the most opulent and ostentatious Smartwatches available in the market right now. Check out the iWatch 2 review here:

If you have any queries or thoughts regarding the Apple Watch 3, come in the comment section below and share your thoughts and comments with us.

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