iPhone 8 can have biggest upgrades of All time

There are many leaks and rumours about the iPhone 8 regarding the looks and the wireless charger, dual focus camera in this iPhone 8. This iPhone 8 is mainly designed for this several generations to make them more expressive through their smartphone.

Upcoming Apple iPhone 8 Won’t Support long distance Wireless Charging!

They made so many changes this time to make this iPhone 8 as the best and for all iPhone lovers. They get the many ideas to make the iPhone 8 more be perfect and smart for their lovers. So if you are looking and expected for this iPhone as a wireless charging? Then we are sorry to say then its not happen this time with iPhone 8 due but they made a best smart feature just as wireless charger.

iPhone 8 to have fast charging

They made Apple iPhone 8 as a perfect and smartly charging ports that get charged actually when they come in contact with the charger in just 15 feet around the charger. One of the best feature about the iPhone is they replace the aluminium chassis.

New iPhone: New Touch ID

There are one more important rumours about the iPhone 8 its they trying to remove the home button and adds a smart feature of touchscreen any where on the display to unlock the phone.

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Dual-lens Camera will rule the 2017

They trying to made an another secondary rear camera to take a wide range of focus. As you all know that iPhone 8 is release in the month of September to light up our life and made it more smart. Their are many things through that iPhone 8 changes in our regular lifestyle.

This iPhone 8 also have their curved edges and a distinctive body with combine of two glass to protect it self and make it more impressive and smart in looks. There made the camera that much advance that they click a real images and 3D pics also.

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You can take a look in this picture that iPhone 8 having the best and perfect look due to make larger screen with a small bezel. There is also a big and new gossip that in this iPhone 8 have a beam that scan the user identity to unlock the phone.

This is using only to access your phone with your beautiful face looks. They have other things also to unlock you iPhone 8 just like finger print scanner and password also you make it more comfortable with its user.

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