Apple iPhone 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison

Hey, guys here we are sharing all the main and real information with you through that you can make you decision more smoothly to get a perfect smart phone that enhance your personality. There are one of the best phone of 2017 comes to light up our lifestyle like Google Pixel 2 and other one is the best as you all know that the iPhone 8. Here we have concluded the best comparison of upcoming iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2 on the basis of present reports and leaks. There are many difference and many new things that the makes the gadget world more be impressive for others.

In this article we are help to solve your all issues to make your decision more be straight to choose the best gadget for you and your loved ones. As you all know that there is a big serious competition between the Apple iPhone 8 and in Google Pixel 2. So, if you are holding your decision to buy new device this season and waiting for these smartphone. You are at right place, here we are going to compare both these smartphones with full specification.

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As you all know that there are many hummers for the iPhone 8 that they have no audio jack and more more things but we can’t conform it that is that so or not. But here we make you 100 percent more correct and real data for iPhone 8 that changes you lifestyle and make it more perfect.

Google Pixel 2 is the best and beautiful designed gadget in this gadget world. That make our half of the work more easier and perfect you can easily make all your things in single phone. This phone can prove that what’s smart phone can be look like. This phone make the digital world be perfect and easily through their specification in this Google Pixel 2 you can easily switch you smart phone with Apple iPhone 8 Vs. Google Pixel 2.

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Apple iPhone 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Specification

Let first take the iPhone 8 great and perfect specification it has more new things that makes an iPhone 8 as perfect and better phone from others. It has upgraded and have more new features in it being so light that they make iPhone 8 thickness 6.1mm its better to convey and make it more expressive that they have. Google Pixel 2 is the best and the perfect feature is fingerprint scanner with lots of fingers and open the gadget easily.

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As you know that in Google Pixel the Google logo is in top of the gadget but in this Google Pixel 2 the Google logo in being shifted to down words to make it more expressive and impressive their look. Google Pixel 2 having the best headphone jack the enhance the sound and make it more beautiful to express. When the Google Pixel 2 make itself more impressive then iPhone 8 is also their to beat him iPhone 8 having the best and perfect 5.8 inches display to make it better view and it also have the best sapphire crystal glass, and the best in oleophobic coasting. iPhone 8 also have the best step in the gadget world to make it more digital through its 3D touch display and home button having the display zoom features to make it more impressive look in public.

As you all know that the Google Pixel 2 have boomed up its ram it know going up from 4GB TO 6GB and also having upgradation in there screen resolution. Google Pixel 2 is the only phone that is being designed for accepting the challenges and the superiority of the iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 8 have the best and the better result in low battery also it having the iOS upgraded version 11 in it for better result. Their are also so upgrade camera back and front also being upgraded and they have better and more clear their speakers.

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Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8: Price

I phone 8 is approx $1200 USD, its price in 1069.38 euro and pixel 2 is approx the $794 and pixel xl 2 $ 899 their is a big difference between pixel and i phone but its all depend on there better performance and perfect looks. Both of them were good looking and best phone of the 2017 and make a big change in the android market.

Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8: Release date rumours

iPhone is being release in the month of September’ 2017 their is another phone that give a big challenge and perfect competition to I phone 8. That phone is google pixel 2 is also come approx in the month of October’ 2017 to make a better change in the android market. Their are so many rumours on the releasing date of this phones but the correct date of releasing this phone is on the month of October 2017.

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