Most circumstances are arise with the bed of Microsoft Windows and iOS, the difference in software ecosystem does often cost in errors like ‘An iPhone has been detected but it could not be identified’. While the error is mostly caused by a connection issue, it totally happens only on the Windows platform. It’s a very common issue regarding the iPhone,because a lot of iPhone users do complain about this happening and common fixes don’t usually result in a positive outcome .There are most of the 5 ways due to how can we fix ‘An iPhone has been detected but it could not be identified ‘ iTunes error.

(1)Resolve ‘IPhone Has Been Detected But It Could Not Be Identified’ Error 

You should check the hardware connection is happening right, before getting into the trouble shooting with Windows settings. Check with the USB port on your PC or laptop first, then move on to the USB port on your iOS device , or else these could collect dust our USB cable for internal breaks and if there’s any, replace the cable with a new cable. If you have any other known issues with iOS installation or update on your PC, that could be a troublemaker as well. Also, corrupted iTunes or corrupted Apple drivers in your PC are potentials threats as well.

(2) Authorize Computer In ITunes

While connecting the device,make sure the computer system is authorized in ITunes. For doing that, some steps are followed- connect the device, tap Trust from the screen on the device, After that open iTunes, go to Store and tap Authorize this Computer from the menu. If the issue isn’t resolved, move to the next method.

(3)Update, Repair On Reinstall ITunes

Sometimes, when the hardware is all okay,then it is most likely a software issue with Windows. Not only starting from the scratch is necessary, if you are an advanced user and you know how to pinpoint an error that’s causing a Windows software to create trouble. However, we recommend you uninstall the Apple iTunes software from your PC, get rid of all the residual files using a tool like CCleaner and start fresh with the installation again. To begin, download the latest version of iTunes installer from Apple website and install carefully. Make sure the drivers are installing, look out for any signature verification prompt. If one appears allow the installation.

(4)Uninstall Other Apple ITunes Components

Due to uninstallation of iTunes, remove all the other iTunes components from your PC . This includes important applications- BonjourApple Application Supports Apple Mobile Device which Supports Apple Software Update. Do a low-key check for any of these titles in Programs and Features list inside Control Panel of your Windows computer. If you see any, uninstall manually and perform a file cleanup using CCleaner. Do that, check after uninstalling the iTunes software and before the reinstallation.

(5)Check Or Reinstall the Driver

While connection of our iPhone or iPad to our Windows PC, we have to notice for a yellow warning sign on the status bar which means ‘USB device could not be recognized’. Open Device Manager and uninstall the buggy driver and try connecting again. Afterthat, If the same issues are occured, then you have a broken hardware somewhere. If some problems are related to your iPhone hardware, contact an authorized Apple Store. Otherwise just reinstalling the software should resolve the issue.

I hope this article will help you guys to overcoming the issues regarding ‘An iPhone has been detected but it could not be identified ‘ iTunes error to fix up. And for sharing your comments and thoughts, please give your feedback in comment section below.

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