Apple iPhone 9 Release date, Specs, Features & Price Rumours 2018

The iPhone 8 & iPhone X, when released, came as a bomb on people all over the world. Their release date was about a month apart, iPhone 8 was released in September 2017 and its former iPhone X was released in October 2017. It still came to a shock to many people as to why there was no Apple iPhone 9, many people believed that the iPhone 9 will come afterward. There is an excitement for the iPhone 9 or whatever the name Apple might give to the phone that is going to release during the fall of 2018.

Apple has a pattern of releasing its phones in a specific cycle. The latest iPhone’s released by Apple is still hot in production and are dominating the market. Apple being Apple releases its new phones yearly every fall prior to making an announcement on releasing them, and making its fans wait eagerly for them. Fans tend to have great expectations and always want something better than the previously released gadget.

While there are not a lot of substantive leaks of what Apple might be releasing this coming fall, but it isn’t much hard to guess. This is because Apple is in a way predictable and follows the same pattern, and mobile industry trends are easy enough to spot. But it can’t be ignored that Apple is certainly working hard on a new model. In this article, we are going to talk about the latest rumors and updates of upcoming iPhone 9 eg. release date, features, price, and specifications etc.

Apple iPhone Release Date:

iPhone’s With Apple’s consistency it isn’t much hard to find a pattern. Let us take a look at Apple’s previous release dates,

  • iPhone 5- Announced: 12th September (Wednesday), Released: 21st September (Friday)

  • iPhone 5s- Announced: 10th September (Tuesday), Released: 20th September (Friday)

  • iPhone 6: Announced: 9th September (Tuesday), Released: 19th September (Friday)

  • iPhone 6s: Announced: 9th September (Wednesday), Released: 25th September (Friday)

  • iPhone 7: Announced: 7th September(Wednesday), Released: 16th September (Friday)

  • iPhone 8: Announced: 12th September(Tuesday), Released: 22nd September (Friday)

You’ll observe there is a pattern; Apple has only released its new phones on Fridays in the month of September. Meaning there is a chance Apple will release its new iPhone on any one of the preceding Fridays in the month of September (7th,14th,21st,28th September). It has released the phones only prior to the announcement, which occurs only on the days Tuesday and Wednesday. The announcement might occur on any Tuesday or Wednesday in the month of September.

iPhone 9 Predicted Names:

iPhone has also followed a naming pattern which can be seen,

  • iPhone: 2007
  • iPhone 3G: 2008
  • iPhone 3GS: 2009
  • iPhone 4: 2010
  • iPhone 4s: 2011
  • iPhone 5: 2012
  • iPhone 5s: 2013
  • iPhone 6: 2014
  • iPhone 6s: 2015
  • iPhone 7: 2016

After the release of iPhone 7, Apple enthusiasts were expecting an iPhone 7s. But it came to a surprise to them with Apple released its two new phones in 2017,

So what comes to question is, what will follow iPhone 8 or iPhone X? iPhone X2? iPhone 8s? We, in turn, would still like to believe that it will be named as the successor of iPhone 8, and will be named iPhone 9. But then again, will Apple want to show it going a step back to its users. As iPhone X which stands for iPhone 10 (X is the Roman numeral for 10).

Apple can also just create a new name, something that it did with the ‘iPad 2’ and named it ‘The new iPad’. It might just scrape the whole concept of numbering phones and rather naming them according to the years they are released in.Apple can give the new iPhone any name it pleases, it’s completely a marketing decision.

We don’t know until now, but we can take a good guess that it will be something close to these:

  • iPhone 9

  • iPhone 8s

  • iPhone Xs

  • iPhone X2

  • iPhone Xl

  • The New iPhone

  • iPhone 2018

But for the sake of simplicity, we will be using the term iPhone 9 for this new upcoming phone. 

Are there chances of iPhone 9 plus or iPhone SE?

iPhone X puts a bigger-than-iPhone-Plus display into a roughly the same size casing as a regular iPhone. In accordance to that, these may be the possibilities:

  • iPhone 9 Plus: might have the same size of iPhone 8 plus but with a bigger display, somewhere near 6 cm.

  • iPhone 9 SE: might have the same size as that of iPhone SE but with a bigger display, somewhere close to the size of iPhone 8’s display.

Apple iPhone 9 Features:

Here we present to you some of the key rumors we have heard and felicitated what might be the main features that will make the iPhone 9 an eye candy for Apple enthusiasts.

Super Retina Display: This innovative change was brought to the mobile industry by iPhone X. The 5.8 OLED screen with a mesmerizing 2436*1125 pixel resolution, including the small display notch at the top of the handset that houses sensor and camera components. Something that had only been observed in laptops and high-grade equipment came to life in the new iPhone X and with amazing precision.

There is a great chance we will be seeing this feature in the new iPhone 9. Apple might add some new updates or even advance the ‘Super Retina Display’ in more ways.

As OLED panels become cheaper for Apple to purchase, they become a much more compelling option for new iPhone models. It should also be noted that Apple won’t just change its features drastically after just adding such a game-changing feature. It can also be noted that it is increasingly difficult to improve smartphones, given that most flagships are generally seen as being good enough for the vast majority of users. Upping the display ante would be a simple discouragement for the users.

However, all of these are just assumptions, as in the context of a report of WSJ it was found that in September 2017 Apple had shown interest in buying a large number of LCD screens from Japan Display. This would help Apple in making for more than 60% of the company’s display order. This, in turn, can also mean that OLED display might only be limited to a few models or special editions of iPhone only.

An informative leak made us believe that Apple had a plan to release on 3 screen sizes in 2018: 5.3cm, 5.85cm, and 6.46cm. But it was later found that Apple recalled the 5.3cm screen size, leaving us with just 2 larger size handsets.

Face ID: Another innovative feature that was brought to the mobile industry by Apple in the iPhone X. There is a great chance that Apple will input this feature in the iPhone 9, but if Apple does not switch to an all retina display then it will end up losing its touch ID fingerprint (the home button that was present in iPhone 6 and onwards).

The introduction of the ‘Face ID’ was done with the compromise of the touch ID fingerprint. The efficiency and functioning of the Face ID will decide the fate of what will happen with iPhone 9, whether it will be added or the touch ID fingerprint will be taken into consideration.

Apple A12 chips: Something that can absolutely be stated is that Apple will introduce a custom built chip for the iPhone 9. The name of the chipset will be A12 and will be made to offer enhanced battery life and performance.

The previous two chips used by Apple were the “Apple A11 Bionic chip” that had two high-performance cores. Making the Apple A11 25% faster than Apple A10 Fusion. And the four high-efficiency cores for the estimated Apple A12 chip will be 70% faster than the A10 fusion chip. This chipset will also include a second generation custom GPU as well.

As it is known that the Apple A11 chip was built on a 10nm process (the distance between transistors- the smaller the distance in between the transistors, the more transistors you can input to boost your phone. This is an efficient way in which Apple can improve its chipsets.

Samsung along with many companies are working on a 7nm chipset, and have also provided Apple with components.

Long Range Wireless Charging: A few months back an article with the title “Apple invents and patents a wireless power transfer system” was released. It shows Apple might intend to add a feature in the new iPhone 9 that will allow the phone to charge without the use of wires.

This idea was originated from the Apple iPhone X, which has a similar concept named “Apple Airpower” (Apple Airpower- A wireless pad that is used to charge your iPhone rather than using a cable). But “Long Range Wireless Charger” does not have the concept of using a pad to charge the phone even though it talks about being wireless.

The main concept of this “Long Range Wireless Charging” comes from the idea of using a router like an object to charge your iPhone.

Imagine you install a router in your home or office, and you are sitting in that room with your phone. Now whether you are using your phone or not, it will be charged due to the wireless charging by the router. You won’t ever have to plug in your phone for charging, yet alone face the problems you face when you’re using your phone while it is still connected to the charger; the struggle to stay near the charger as the cable is short, be bound to stay until the phone is charged to the required amount.

Now imagine putting these routers in homes, offices, public places like cafes etc. This, in turn, would reduce the problem of people running here and there to charge their phones, as it would get automatically charged. This ‘Long Range Wireless Charging’ would help reduce the pressure on mobile companies to make their phone’s battery have a longer life, as everyone’s phones would always be charged.

Then again, this is just an assumption to a patent that Apple had done so there isn’t much guarantee for this to ever come true.

Some Other features that we might have a chance to see the upcoming iPhone 9:

  • Camera:- 18 Mp
  • Flexible Display
  • iOS 12
  • Dual Camera Lens
  • 5.9 Inch Display (or bigger)

What to Expect from the iPhone 9 Design

Steve Jobs (One of the founders of Apple) brought the concept of ‘designing’ into the world. Apple has shown that it follows that concept to the core, with bringing in new and unique designs for every successive iPhone. But then again after iPhone 6, Apple just started modifying the previous designs rather than creating new ones.

Apple did follow a pattern though on how it released new designs for its iPhones. The most drastic change was brought by iPhone X when Apple removed the home button (one of the key features of previous iPhone’s). And the designs of iPhone X and iPhone 8 are what might be modified and used as a design for iPhone 9.

The designs presented by Apple over the years are as follows:

  • iPhone 3G (2008): Plastic Cell

  • iPhone 4 (2010): Antenna band and glass back.

  • iPhone 5 (2012): 16:9 aspect ratio, chamfered edges.

  • iPhone 6 (2014): Bigger screens, rounded edges.

  • iPhone X (2017): Edge-to-edge displays and reintroduced the glass back.

So you see it’s not very much clear, but we believe that Apple will follow the designs of iPhone 8 and iPhone X and just release them in different sizes for iPhone 9.

Will the Touch ID be completely banished?

The touch ID home button is an iconic feature for Apple. It was introduced by Apple and then copied by many companies in the mobile domain. The touch ID is not present in the iPhone X, and many people believe that Apple will not use it in their upcoming phones.

Apple used Face ID instead of Touch ID, but Apple might just bring it back. The touch ID could make a comeback with its presence marked as it might be inputted right below an OLED screen (same screen used for iPhone X).

It’s all up to Apple on how it wants to play; it’s totally a marketing decision.

A range of Colors for iPhone 9:

Apple has released some unique colors over the years, these colors are somewhat like cover-ups to when Apple doesn’t release a huge design change. Like when it released ‘Rose Gold’ or special ‘RED’ edition.

  • iPhone 5s: 2013 — Gold.
  • iPhone 6s: 2015 — Rose gold.
  • iPhone 7: 2016 — Black and jet black.
  • iPhone 7: 2017 — (Product) RED.
  • iPhone 8: 2018 — “New” gold.

All these colors are a bit different from the ranges of colors that are available for different phones in the market.

Apple might introduce new range colors or just release the iPhone 9 in the same old colors, all of it depends on Apple. There is no such substantive rumor of Apple releasing a new color.

Apple did release “Apple Watch Series 2” in white ceramics. It turned out to be “eye candy” for Apple lovers, Twitter exploded. Apple enthusiasts were assuming that even the iPhone 9 might come in this same material. Which might be very attractive will increase the weight of the phone.

We are just going to have to wait & watch. It’s all going to be a marketing decision.

Will iPhone 9 have an iPad Pro-Style Smart Connector?

Like mentioned earlier Apple follows a specific pattern. This also goes for when the tech giant releases a new technological advancement. It tends to use that advancement in its upcoming releases of devices.

  • Retina was introduced with iPhone 4 and its enhanced version is now used in iPhone X.

  • Touch ID was introduced with iPhone 5s and was seen to be present in its successive phones.

  • The Smart Connector, which debuted with the iPad Pro in the fall of 2015 (attaches via a magnet and runs power, data, and ground directly from the device.) It currently powers Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

There are actually chances Apple could engineer a smart connector for the iPhone 9, but then again what would it specifically be used for?

Apple has already made a smart keyboard of ‘iPad Pro’, will it engineer another such small keyboard of the iPhone 9 or iPhone 8 standard?

Like we said earlier, there is no substantive proof it’s all a marketing decision.

Will there be The promotion or TrueTone?

The ProMotion was introduced in ‘iPad Pro’ in 2017. ProMotion allows the device to dynamically refresh so that the display can ramp up to support ‘Apple Pencil’. ProMotion also provides smooth scrolling, and ramp down to conserve power.

TrueTone, on the other hand, makes sure the color & temperature of the display matches the ambient color temperature that is normally required. That way, whites don’t look yellow or blue — they look white. This feature was introduced with the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

If any of these two features are implemented in the iPhone 9, it will enhance performance and provide a mesmerizing experience to users (it’ll already have the A12 chipset).

Will the iPhone 9 be waterproof?

With all these new phones coming in the market claiming to be ‘waterproof’, might pressure Apple to release a waterproof phone too. One misconception; iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are water-resistant and not waterproof. Rated IP67, they can survive accidental incidents that include water, but this isn’t rated as highly as some competing phones from other companies.

So there is a fair chance that Apple might release iPhone 9 as a waterproof phone to beat the competition in the mobile industry. As making a phone waterproof isn’t much required for the common public but for those whose jobs or free time activities expose them to water or elements with the same characteristics would be thrilled by ‘IP68’ (Making underwater photography at shallow depths also possible).

How much will the iPhone 9 cost?

We are not exactly of what will be the price of the iPhone 9 but from the past, it can be noted that Apple keeps on increasing its price with every new device that it releases.

As the recently released iPhone 8 was worth somewhere between 55k-70k(INR) and the iPhone X was worth somewhere between 89k-102k(INR). So we can be expecting a hefty sum for the upcoming iPhone 9. It would be somewhere near or between 60k-90k(INR).

It all depends on what iPhone 9 comes out to be; a sequel to iPhone 8 or a sequel of iPhone X.

There are also a few more devices of Apple, people have been eager to know about, whether it would be released or not:

iPhone X Mini: There is a craze going around the internet with the heading “Please make this iPhone Mini X Real”. This all started when a Chinese DIY genius managed to piece together an “iPhone X Mini” from a few standardized components and an iPhone 5. The end results weren’t the prettiest thing in the world, but given it was just a prototype it looked amazing.

After viewing the video of how step-by-step he assembled the ‘Iphone X Mini’, people from around the globe wanted the phone to become a real thing. They wanted Apple to fund this project and make it come to life.

iPhone XL: In the beginning of January news came to be that Apple was going to release iPhone XL, that would bigger than iPhone X. iPhone XL would be of 6.5 inches and would be released in mid-September.

According to sources Apple will be launching 3 handsets in the X series, iPhone X being one of them. 2 More handsets are to come out one of them being iPhone XL.

LG panels will be used to making the screen for the iPhone XL, while the OLED screens will still be provided by Samsung for lower models.

It may have a lower price than iPhone X due to its resolution quality. Let’s just wait and watch what Apple has in store for us.

So, that’s all we have for upcoming iPhone 9 right now and I think its time for a conclusion now. Well, there is still a lot of time for the release date as 2k18 has just started now. Apple is making something out of the box iPhone 9 design that may be a combination of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Right now, your head must be filled with many questions. You can leave your feedback by commenting below we would like to revert you back with latest updates regarding upcoming iPhone 9 phablet.

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